Project: Immortan Joe's Armor

NYCC 2016: From the Stage

We’re still in the post-convention daze, but I took the evening to edit together some of the footage from the Twitch live stream of the event. I ended up placing second in our category,

NYCC 2016: From the Floor

A lot of totally awesome convention-goers have been taking pictures of our Immortan Joe costume on the floor of the event, and I just wanted to use this post to collect some of the

Anatomy of a Warlord

This costume still requires a significant amount of weathering and wear to be added, but I needed to take a large number of reference images of my own costume for submission into the NYCC 2016

Building Badass Biceps

Been super busy lately with work, but I did get the chance to make my biceps up. I actually had to try a couple iterations of it to get something that looked proportionate with

Vacuum-formed Vambraces

We did the arm armor up, and since we might be offering pulls of the things up for sale to folks who are interested I figured I’d do a very quick write-up on how

Holsters and Shin Pads

Mostly done with one of the shin pads, just playing around with things a bit. I weathered the emblems with some black oil paint diluted in mineral spirits, which took a while to dry

Automotive Detailing

Most of today was spent getting some of the details on my shin pads done, since I like jumping around between parts of this project like crazy. The links were primed with a rust-colored

Shin Straps and Buckles!

Had a bit of a prototype run with the airbag, and I’m still not happy with it just yet. It’s quite a challenge to figure out ways to sew the fabric to emulate what

Clasps and Connections

Spent a bit of time refining how the front and back halves of the torso join up and I think I’ve got something workable here. I look ridiculous, but whatever. I taped the pauldrons

Printed Fittings, Pulled Forms

The printed right-angle pipe fitting seems to have worked out pretty well, all things considered! I need to sand it a bit, glue the parts together, then XTC-3D the whole thing to give it

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