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Please use the form below to contact us regarding any custom commission work. We’re always looking for new and exciting things to work on, and we’d love to talk with you about bringing your ideas to life. If you need to contact us about anything else or would rather skip the form, just e-mail us at adam@fusedcreations.com or sales@fusedcreations.com.


Czarface Helmet

Another commission job down! This one was a real pleasure to work on. Czarface is a hip hop supergroup that occasionally crossed over with the late, great MF DOOM.

Weathered Krishna Chakram

I guess I’m getting a following for these – another commission project from Final Fantasy XIV, this time for the Dancer class.

No, I am Sportacus!

This one’s pretty different from my usual fare, but when I had a commission request come in asking for this I couldn’t help but be excited about it. I’m old enough that I was

A Steampunk Lunchbox

This was a quick commission project that I was retained for by a client who had seen some of my other Final Fantasy XIV projects. The item in question is called an ‘aetherotransformer’…

Goddess of Democracy

I received an e-mail from the Human Rights Foundation in late 2020 asking if I’d be willing to put together a 3D Model for them. The subject in question was a statue called the ‘Goddess of Democracy’.

The Headbetter Chandelier

I’m friends with Johnny Ciccone, owner of the Headbetter Salon in L.A. The main floor of the salon had an empty, windowless skylight right in the middle of the ceiling that had, until that

A Spooky Bat Upgrade

I picked up a neat little taxidermy bat skeleton from Etsy seller Artem Mortis a few days ago with the intention of giving it as a gift. It took a while to arrive, and

Focus Takes Flight

Following on the heels of my work designing the Antiquated Murgleis Focus, I churned the parts out on my Makergear M2 printer…

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