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Shin Straps and Buckles!

Had a bit of a prototype run with the airbag, and I’m still not happy with it just yet. It’s quite a challenge to figure out ways to sew the fabric to emulate what they did in the film, especially since the stitching is all visible and in the recesses of each bulge. We might try making a foam version and just stretching the daylights out of the fabric to see if we can get it sitting right to begin with.

While I give that time to sit in the back of my brain, I decided to get the shin pads made up:

Cut a bunch of basic shapes, glued it together, then stitched it all to give it a bit more structure. 1″ roller buckles were added onto each strap. Not the straightest lines, but nobody’s going to be looking that closely, right? … right?

They fit well enough. I laid out the car emblems to get a rough sense of scale, but I’m going to me molding and cold-casting them in resin before I actually attach them to the pads. Figure I can bend the resin casts with a heat gun just as easily as I can with a 3d print.

I have a bucket full of chain links that I’ve printed out at this point. I would have painted them and airbrushed them rusty by now, but it has been raining all damn day, so I didn’t get much of an opportunity.

I realize that in some of the scenes in the movie, the chain link on the shin pads is actually connected, rather than a bunch of aligned pairs like I have. However, in the shot where Joe puts the pedal to the metal…

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