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Fitting the Airbag Mount

We’re in the home stretch, so things are happening much faster now. The frame has been all painted up and the mounting brackets attached. Our vinyl/pleather/whatever-it-is Airbag has been pretty much entirely hand-sewn over a foam form to try and give it the approximate shape required. In hindsight, latex is probably the better way to make this thing, but all things considered I think it’s looking pretty good.

With all of the pieces loosely mounted up together, it’s starting to look like we might actually know what we’re doing:

The aluminum brackets have holes on either side of the bag for the insertion of the pipes and air hose. We’re going to cut and trim two holes on either side of the bag for these parts to go through, and then it should be a simple matter of getting everything hooked up on the inside. The battery for the fans (and probably the fans themselves) will be mounted on the Y-frame, and I should have room for the voice amplifier as well.

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