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Airbag Weathering & Chrome Spray

Immortan Joe’s airbag is pretty much done at this point. We did a bit of preliminary weathering and distressing with acrylics, and the whole unit is essentially self-contained. One change I might try to make in the next month is to quiet or otherwise soundproof the fans in the airbag more than they already are, since the noise of them running right next to my head may be a bit of a challenge to hear over.

I’m also quite happy with how the spray bottle has printed out. I’ve got mine base coated and am just playing around with some rough weathering ideas for the exterior, since this is an object you see for one fleeting moment in the movie.

I’m trying not to be too precious about the thing since it’ll probably be hanging from a loop on my belt the whole day and get banged up anyway. It does work pretty much exactly as designed, and lets me spray things… though I will say that the Wilton spray is actually really gross tasting. Won’t kill you, but very bitter.

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