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Gearing Up for the Championships!

I got the confirmation – I made it past the preliminary round of judging for the Eastern Championships of Cosplay and, with a bit more luck, I might get a chance to embarrass myself in-costume on the stage! I’ve never done this before, so I’m totally excited. With that in mind, I think I may just continue to post some of the pre-convention prep work that we’re engaging in, since it’s all part of the story.

Maria has decided she’s going to accompany me as Capable, one of Immortan’s harem, and bought herself a wig and some comically large goggles to get started down that path.

My prior experience at conventions has been that throughout the day, you don’t want to get stuck carrying stuff. I usually drag along a backpack or something easy to stuff my loot in, but since we’ll both be in costume that wasn’t a great option. The solution I’ve managed, for now, is an old medicine/doctor’s bag that I was able to grab off of eBay. It is hopefully evocative of the doctor bag that the wives receive during the movie, though obviously not an exact duplicate. Since it’s a prop you only see in very short, quick bursts during the movie, I figure nobody will be able to call me on it.

We did have to deal with a bit of musty odor in the bag when it first arrived, so I threw it in a garbage bag with some baking soda for a few days which seems to have cleared most of it up. I purchased a cheap set of wheels off of Amazon and gave them a quick hit with some rust-colored spraypaint. I fully expect that the paint will come off over time, but that’s fine – it’ll just add to the ‘weathering’ of the bag. I used the chicago-style nuts I had leftover from the shoulder armor to have something to bolt the wheels into on the inside of the bag without taking up too much space.

Going to add a belt or strap to the area by the handle so that it can be easily rolled around the floor of the convention when and if it becomes too annoying to carry. To be honest, I’m considering how I might brand a big immortan joe logo on the side of it, too!

In the spirit of fairness, I felt like Maria might also enjoy having a prop to carry around the convention floor and pose with for photos, so I went ahead and printed her a sawed-off shotgun from this Thingiverse post. It’s a fairly basic print and a straightforward model, but a nice little decorative prop that she should be able to stuff into the medicine bag if she gets bored with it.

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