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Codpiece Components

I spent some time poring over the reference imagery available and trying to identify some of the badges and emblems on Joe’s codpiece, and I think I nailed some of it down. Funny enough, eBay Motors was actually key to identifying some of these.

The “929” badge is a Mazda quarter panel badge from, you guessed it, a Mazda 929. The specific one in the movie is, appropriately enough, the one that was circulated in Australia – there’s a domestic one that has a different font, just to complicate things. 

The “240” badge is from a (1966?) Ford Cortina. 

The “49” badge I have no idea on, but it was easy enough to model up based on the references available. The codpiece castle nuts were pretty straightforward to model up, and will certainly be lighter than the actual parts – using real metal hardware would mean this codpiece would weigh far too much to be practical. 

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