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The Key to Valhalla

While everything else is going on with my Immortan Joe project, and because I am ADD as all hell, I decided to prototype something else to go with this whole outfit… The chrome spray bottle that he uses to anoint Nux during the movie. Now, I haven’t got a clue as to what exactly this is supposed to be, but I do know that it’d be a million times more fun if it actually worked. That’s why I went out and got a couple of these Wilton Color Mist silver food-safe sprays from my local crafts store.

These are dirt cheap, safe for consumption (allegedly?), silver in spray color and fairly compact in size – just about perfect for when and if a lunatic like me meets a likeminded individual who wants to ride to Valhalla. Even better, the label peels off really easily, which leaves me with an inoffensive, plain-looking spray can. The Amazon reviews for these things even include multiple references to people using them for Warboy cosplays.

I made a reasonable 3d mock-up of the color mist spray after taking some measurements with my calipers and went to town designing the enclosure.

The spray should slot fairly snugly into the bottom, and the ‘cap’ should snug right over the spray nozzle of the canister and move as a single, unified piece. The V8 emblem on the top is just me having a little fun, while also marking which way the spray should end up going when the top is depressed.

I got the bottom half of the prototype printed out in short order (well, long order, since I had my printer set to high quality settings) but it looked promising straight off the print bed. After a hasty bit of cleanup…

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