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Pilot Shoulder Armor

This evening, I took a crack at getting a shoulder pad model done up. It was a bit more complicated than I initially expected, but I’m satisfied with where it’s at right now. The reference image is above, and the pilot art in question that I’m working on seems to have a similar design on both shoulders and a kneepad, with some small variations. The model I’ve made is designed to print in two parts, to hopefully minimize clean-up. It also has screw holes, rather than modeled screws – I actually modeled some on, but based on past experiences it’s pretty easy to get hardware and just attach it with stuff like this. These holes are sized for M4 screws.

It separates into two parts for printing, with holes for alignment pins to make attaching the parts together easier. Here’s a look at the pad in situ on the exported pilot model from the game:

That pilot is scaled to my size (from earlier posts), so I think I’ve got the shoulder pad proportions about right. It fits on my print bed just fine. Actually, it could have been printed all in one go, but the concave back side of the pad would have been annoying to deal with in terms of supports, and the surface finish on the pad would have been oriented the wrong way for a nice print. This works better.

Queued up for printing – we’ll see how it looks as a real part!

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