Sheath for the Data Knife

I’ve got a lot of updates to add to the site, but my time to do so has been limited by my day job, so I’m going to start with a quick and easy one covering something simple. A few days ago, someone e-mailed me asking if I had an available knife sheath for the Data Knife designs I’ve shared. Weirdly, I hadn’t given it much thought… which was something I definitely had to change if I was ever going to do a titanfall cosplay, like I intended. Time for a bit of 3d modeling!

This model was done in quick-and-dirty style by referencing Jack Cooper’s model from Titanfall 2 for the approximate shape and size. I essentially blocked out most of the knife dimensions and simply subtracted them from the sheath I modeled to get a snug fit on the inside. I have zero expectations that this will work for any other data knife than the ones I produce, and even those might have a bit of variation from knife-to-knife such that the fit might be a little tight. Still, someone might find this useful, and the ultimate product seems pretty decent.

In the interest of not spending a ton of time on this since it was a test piece I didn’t do a whole lot of post-processing to the print. I actually didn’t bother sanding it at all. I gave it a quick coat of Dupli-Color Truck Bed Coating, let it dry, then hit it with Plasti Dip Black Rubber Spray to try and emulate the sort of finish I saw on a lot of military sheaths. The end results could be a lot better, but even so, what I got for my trouble was not bad.

The loops on the back are designed to take 1″ wide nylon webbing. Some of the legitimate military hardware straps I had ended up being too thick, but I found a roll of material that was essentially backpack strap fabric that seemed to work fairly well under the circumstances.

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