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No, I am Sportacus!

This one’s pretty different from my usual fare, but when I had a commission request come in asking for this I couldn’t help but be excited about it. I’m old enough that I was nowhere near the target audience for LazyTown when it was airing, but the constant meme presence of the show made sure I knew about it. Sportacus is a pro-health, pro-exercise hero in the show who tries to keep kids engaged in physical activity and off of eating sugar. 

The client here asked for the ‘hard surface’ components of Sportacus’s costume – the bracers, belt buckle, chest emblem, and ribbing details. He wears goggles as well, but those are the type of thing that you can generally grab off the shelf and paint to match, so it wasn’t necessary for me to reproduce them. I did a bit of digging around the internet and came up with enough reference images to work from.

To start with, I modeled the belt and chest emblems flat, which let me get the sizing and details right. After the geometry was set up, I used a bend modifier to give the parts a gentle curve to try and form around the body measurements I got from the client. Loops were then added to the back to accommodate an approximately 2″ wide belt. 

Sportacus’s bracers looked to be mostly made from fabric, but the client wanted something 3D-printable and solid. I made a form that could be printed standing upright, and added a few holes for straps or elastic so that they’d be easier to wear.

A study of some of the images I found showed that the ‘ribbing’ details on Sportacus’s shoulders were also present on the sides of his jacket, under each arm. The shapes looked fairly similar across the costume, so I opted to make a ‘large’ rib and a ‘small’ rib model, which could be paired up in each location. I added some basic holes to the parts so they could be sewed, riveted, or otherwise attached to a jacket.

After chopping the chest emblem and belt buckle up into halves so I had flat surfaces to print from, the process of getting them printed went pretty smoothly, though a little sanding will need to be done by the client once they get the parts.

Given how niche this is, I don’t expect there’s going to be a ton of demand for it, but I’ve gone ahead and made the files available on my web store as a ‘pay-what-you-want’ item. Enjoy!

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Oh wow this is awesome! I’d actually love to purchase this, but I got a few questions. Like, these where measured specifically for a client, so does that mean that if I do purchase this, I can send you my measurements as well? Also, while these are 99% perfect, (thrust me, 8yo me is going NUTS xD) the 10 on his crystal should be in the center… I know I know I’m really nitpicking but still.. :3 https://calmingcrunch.tumblr.com/post/164910847970/this-is-so-ominous-after-his-crystal-has

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Hey! Glad someone else finds this entertaining.

I can modify the files to be a better fit on a wearer’s specific measurements, but that’s not included in the price of the files here – that’s usually the sort of thing the person doing the printing tweaks. The files in the shop for this model were designed to fit a 5’4″ person, so you’d probably want to scale them up accordingly in your print or slicing software.

As far as the positioning of the 10 on the chest emblem… hm. Yeah, I think you’re right. I was using the images posted here as reference material, and on that front view of the image I posted the 10 is definitely -not- centered vertically, but now that I look at some other images of the show I see it often is, so I’m not sure why that image has it different. I can revise it, and probably will when I have a moment.

Thanks for the response, and thanks for taking the time to fix it. I just had a few questions (i’m a total 3D printing noob lol) Once these are printed, they come out gray, so i gotta spray paint these myself, right? Or are there 3D printers that print in colours? Also, i noticed the pricing siad ”pay what you want”, but i’ve honestly never seen that before online.. What do you think is a fair price? Also, if i don’t find someone with a 3D printer, is it possible you print them for me, and ship them over? I’ll have to discuss that with my parents first tho.. :/

Thanks for responding, and in the image you mentioned, the one where he’s flexing his muscles, the crystal is slightly leaning down i think. I’d love to buy one with the fixed crystal, but how much is it? It says pay what you want, so that means i’ll just pay what i think it’s worth? Also it may be a tricky submission, but do you think you could model his awesome backpack? Here’s a picture for reference: http://mummyisagadgetgeek.co.uk/uncategorized/gadgets-new-series-lazy-town-sportacus/

I am really interested in the sportecus set. My son Has Down Syndrome and is 16 yo but wants to be sportecus!!
how do I go about getting them please !

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