Czarface Helmet 3D Print Files



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3D printable files to make your very own Czarface helmet! Be the hero villain whatever you want to be!

The model has been broken into multiple parts with flat-facing sides down where possible for printing on an FDM machine. It is designed with a removable back panel that can be attached with tabs, magnets, and/or elastic strapping, depending on your needs and preferences. A cut-out section on the inside of the mask provides a mounting point for a clear/translucent panel behind the eyes of the visor so you don’t have to try and see through a 3D-printed lens, although the files for a printable visor are also included.

All print files are provided in .STL format. Files include:

  • The main front mask section;
  • A domed piece for the helmet’s top;
  • An optional mouth grille that sits behind the upper teeth and can be installed or removed via screws;
  • Left and right fangs with keyed sockets for alignment and installation;
  • Left and right ears that slot against the profile shape of the mask;
  • A bottom jaw section with slots that mate up against the tabs on the front mask for alignment and installation;
  • A back panel designed to be removable to make donning the helmet easier;
  • A 3D model of the red visor that sits behind the eyes of the mask, for those that prefer printing this part rather than using translucent plastic sheeting;
  • A spike model with a mounting hole on the back, for around the perimeter of the helmet dome.
  • Reference images labeling part filenames and showing print orientation recommendations.

These files DO NOT include:

  • Technical support. This listing presumes you know how to slice, print, and assemble 3D print files.

These assets may not be resold, redistributed, or otherwise conveyed to a third party.

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