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Let’s All Join the War Club!

I have been woefully short on time the last few days thanks to work, especially in light of the fact that the convention submission date for the NYCC Eastern Championship is in about a week. To save myself a bit of time and energy, I set my 3d printer to work on the staff while I was otherwise indisposed.

Is it a waste of 3d printing tech? Yeah, probably. But it saved me a bit of time. I printed these things in Simplify3d’s ‘vase mode’, which made them very thin single-walled layers that printed out fairly quickly. They are sized to fit on the PVC piping I had without too much fighting; once they got slid onto the pipe, I covered them in epoxy and resin to reinforce and harden them substantially, and now I have a fairly workable prop on my hands.

Does the job well enough! I struggled with figuring out exactly what color it is supposed to be, but I found a brown enamel that looks pretty close that I’m going to go with. I also ended up finding this lovely image of Hugh himself sitting with the club, which I guess is just… his? I mean, try taking it from him.

I do wish I had seen this image before, as it’s a pretty clear look at some of the decorations on the staff. It’s also more egg-shaped than I think I’ve made mine, but at this point I don’t have the time to fuss with it. I’ll bodge together my own collection of trinkets onto it. The files for these parts are below. I don’t think they’re perfect, but they’re serviceable and they get the job done, so if it helps someone else, so much the better.

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