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Futuristic Ninja Bullshit

I’m actually finding modeling up the various pieces of equipment to be pretty good practice / training for learning the ins and outs of 3d Studio Max a little better, so I sat down and banged together a Pulse Blade from Titanfall 2. Getting decent reference images was a bit of a hassle, but thankfully I had a buddy who was willing to aim one at my face in a private match for a few minutes.

With these images to work from, I went ahead and started banging out a model that I could, as always, dump electronics into.

This is relatively simple compared to my other stuff. Will have an Adafruit Trinket arduino in the handle, along with an on-off slide switch, an A23 battery holder, a piezo buzzer to simulate the ‘sonar’ sound effects, and an LED at the opposite end from the blade. Battery can be swapped out by unscrewing the panel on the side. I think I got the scale reasonably close to right:

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