Titanfall 2 Pulse Blade



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This is a set of files for producing the a Pulse Blade from Titanfall 2. It is designed to accommodate electronics and an arduino inside as a quick-and-dirty way to manage lights and sound effects.

All print files are provided in .STL format. Files include:

  • Knife blade mesh as a single part. The blade is symmetrical, so simply print 2 or flip the part around to make a complete blade.
  • Multi-part handle with carve-outs to fit a power source, arduino, piezo buzzer, LED, and switch.
  • Battery access hatch, attached to the knife handle via 4 M2 screws.
  • An arduino sketch, provided in .INO format, to program a 5V Trinket to run the knife.
  • A wiring schematic to aide in assembly, consistent with the pin arrangements established in the arduino sketch.

These files DO NOT include:

  • Technical support. This listing presumes you know how to slice, print, and assemble 3D print files. This listing also presumes you know what you’re doing when it comes to programming arduino. We’d love to be able to help everyone troubleshoot their electrical engineering problems, but we just don’t have the time!

These assets may not be resold, redistributed, or otherwise conveyed to a third party.

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