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Engineering Airflow

I took some time today while we were working on the rest of the project to design up what I think will be a workable fixture for the air filters. The cone on the front is a to-scale approximation of the air filter I have right now. The cone on the back end is an approximation of the air bladder. There’s actually an interior PVC tube modelled in there that I expect to connect.

This is being designed in this way so that I can use it as the actual air intake for the fans that will be in the airbag behind my head blowing air into the mask. The part should have a pretty straight connection through between the filter and the airbag, and I did my best to keep it from narrowing too much smaller than the 40mm tubing that leads to the 40mm fans. In the interest of making this easy to print (since printing suspended parts or curves vertically can be challenging) I sectioned the model into two pieces.

Lastly… It’s only a little step… but it’s a satisfying one. Got all the medals and chains attached up. They’re all pinned or nailed through the chestpiece so they have a good bit of structural hold to them, but I’m probably going to glue the medals to the chestpiece itself so they don’t flap around so much.

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