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Revising Gun Sizes

Well, after printing a few parts I’ve discovered that the gun’s model was too big. This was easy enough to correct – just had to scale it down to the correct size – but then obviously I had to redo all the interior mechanisms because I can’t rightly scale down my switches or 9v battery, can I? Took most of my weekend, but I got it done. It’s hard to convey in pictures, but I sized the gun properly by printing a few ‘silhouette’ tests out. Ultimately I went with 88% of my original size model, which felt about right in my hand.

I did get a chance to start playing around with soluble supports on this one. I didn’t need to use them, strictly speaking, but they give you a smooth interior chamber, which is nice when you’re talking about making sure the trigger and safety mechanisms moving cleanly.

I will say, I’m surprised, happy, and impressed that all the knurled textures I modeled onto the gun seem to be printing perfectly. Should make for some easy drybrushing once paint time comes.

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