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Regal Robes, Refined

The robes got addressed earlier this morning, since I needed them done in order to figure out how the belt will sit over them. The fabric I went with is some kind of canvas cloth that I think fits the part pretty well.

I sewed some pleats into the fabric to get it looking a bit drape-y, then attached a waistband to the top. We threaded a length of elastic through the top the correct width of my waist measurement, stretched it a bit, and sewed it together. This did the job of adding a bit more of a ‘gathered’ fabric feel to it, and made it drape less evenly, which was ideal.

Since the robes are made of two separate pieces of fabric (as they are supposed to be), I did a simple stitch across the back to join them so that they’d have the tuxedo-suit-style V.

It worked pretty well, but the robes are also obviously spread apart in the front, which is part of the look. To do that, we made some simple fabric straps with snaps and attached them to the front hem of the robes so that we could bunch the robes up at the sides and out of the way easily.

Pretty happy with the look overall. Of course, they’re a bit too… clean looking, so the next step was to figure out how we can dirty it up. Easiest way seemed to be to drag them down the road, so…

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