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Arm Wraps and Airbags

Progress is still ongoing. We tried making the arm wraps a few different ways, and seem to have landed on a working method for now. We started with a basic sleeve, then used spray adhesive to wrap the muslin on.

They work pretty well with no sewing required! And they slip on and off, which makes life a little easier.

A bit more work has been ongoing on the airbag and back frame. We’ve been sewing the airbag up over a rough foam framework as a way to get the approximate shape we need.

While the airbag is coming along, we’ve also been improving the metal frame.

The shoulder pieces were attached to the metal frame with a generous amount of JB-Weld and all of the parts were given a reasonable base coat. I attached everything together just to do a dry run and I’m feeling okay about it for now.

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