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Mask Progress Continues

The gas mask hoses are the childrens’ mask ones that I ordered from eBay, but now I need to find the darker, larger hose that connects to the other end of it. Still, I’m pretty pleased with how everything looks so far. In a fit of optimism I dremelled out a pair of holes in either cheek and 3d printed some sockets that could act as receivers for the hose adapters.

Whole thing works pretty well, if I say so myself. The hope is that when I end up molding and resin-casting this thing I’ll already have a comfortable attachment point for the hoses, rather than having to figure that out afterwards.

I added screws to the metal jawplate as appropriate, but I suspect they may be a bit on the big side. I’m either going to remove them and sculpt smaller screws on, or sculpt the metal plate wider so it looks more proportionate to them. Might countersink them, too, since I feel like they stick out a bit far from the mask.

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