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Hydrocal and Air Filters

Molds were made up for the arm bucks using Smooth-On’s Rebound 25 mold rubber and backed with some old Onyx Fast resin I had that I had to get rid of. We filled them with Hydrocal and let them set for a while. My first order of PETG plastic has also arrived, so I’m thinking that some time tomorrow morning or afternoon I’ll pay a visit to the local university and use their vacuum forming setup again. The final products are nice and smooth and heavy, but need a bit of sanding around the edges to ensure they sit properly on the vacuform table surface. If it weren’t storming, I’d take these outside to my belt sander, but I can’t have plaster dust all over the inside of my workshop!

On the other end of things, the prints for the air intake filter interface with the bag seem to have come out looking workable enough:

They are maybe a tiny bit on the long side, and things are a little big, but I’m trying to keep as wide a diameter as possible on my intake hoses so that the 40mm fans I’ll be using don’t have to deal with air pressure fluctuations.

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