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Dust Devil to the Rescue!

Truth be told, I was not satisfied with the K&N filters I had just due to their squat profile. I ended up rereading the other Immortan Joe thread on TheRPF and saw that forums user Bigboss1o1 had found Dirt Devil F2 filters that looked kinda close to the part – and also that they were the kind of thing my local Walmart carried. I took a quick drive down and bought a pair just to toy around with. My print is on the left, Dust Devil filter in the middle, K&N on the right. The print I came up with was eyeballed as best as I could based on the scale of the phone pad right below the filter, which I have for reference… but that’s not to say it is entirely correct. The Dust Devil filter was obviously a bit too long, but it had a better profile in line with the sort of thing I was shooting for. 

I trimmed it down about three quarters of an inch off from the bottom, to make the outside diameter of the filter at its widest 60mm. Then I modeled up and printed a quick bottom ‘cap’ to test out:

I actually think, out of all the options, this one is my favorite right now. I sanded the little grip nubs off the top cap and I think I can get away with painting the filter to look like the movie one.

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