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A Grimace in Chrome

And then there’s the mask. Got the plugs for the gas mask hoses painted up and attached, bent a bit of thick-gauge copper wiring up and into the jaw, and I completely revamped the jaw hinge system to be a bit more stable and stronger for when the mouth moves up and down, since it had too much flex in it beforehand. Leather straps were sewed in line with what I could make out from the behind-the-scenes imagery, and it’s all held together with heavy-duty brass snaps, which should let me actually pop the mask on and off pretty easily. I considered doing a bit of elastic behind the head to make a snug fit, but it didn’t seem worth the trouble at this point.

Some pictures of the ugly behind-the-scenes interior on the mask so you can see the mechanism:

Aaaand some all-important pictures of me being an idiot.

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