Titanfall Pilot Smart Pistol MK5 - Basic Edition



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This is a set of files for producing the “Basic” version of the Titanfall Smart Pistol – that is to say, a static prop without any interior carve-outs for electronics. Sliced to be printed with as little in the way of necessary supports as possible.

All print files are provided in .STL format. Files include:

  • Primary gun body – left and right grips, left and right mid-sections and a muzzle section. Sliced to print flat-side down with alignment holes for assembly.
  • A flashlight accessory mount that should slide onto the mid-section rails and help hold the body of the gun together.
  • Various gun greeblies as separate meshes to facilitate an easier time printing and painting. Safety slides, magazine release buttons, and other small detail parts.
  • Bottom magazine cover, separated out so that the gun grips could fit on smaller print beds.
  • An optional detachable silencer that should friction-fit into the primary gun muzzle so as to be removable if desired.

These files DO NOT include:

  • Technical support. This listing presumes you know how to slice, print, and assemble 3D print files.

These assets may not be resold, redistributed, or otherwise conveyed to a third party.

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