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Expanding on the Printed Mask

In my ongoing efforts to needlessly complicate Maria’s life, I managed to point out a bunch of inconsistencies between the 3D-printed mask I had produced and the actual screen prop. We both realize that the mask I have is never going to be fully screen accurate, but that doesn’t stop me from obsessing over little details until she eventually throws her hands up in the air and concedes to help me fix a few things with her sculpting talents while I continue to work on the digital side of things.

One of the biggest differences between my mask and the film-used one is that there isn’t enough of it – there’s very clearly bits of the mask above and behind the metallic cheek-plates, underneath the eye, and a bit more substance to the jawline than what I had printed out. I also noted that the metal chin bars attached to the outside of the lower parts of the left and right jawline seemed to be pretty close to the outside edge of the jaw. With all of this in mind, I set about properly wrecking the mask with my dremel and a drum bit to remove some bits that were going to be resculpted or repositioned. I also took some sheet styrene and set about bending, flexing, clamping, and otherwise cajoling the plastic into place around the perimeter of the mask to give Maria a bit more surface area to sculpt any extra detail work or additions onto.

Any unused space will be later dremelled off. I also primed the mask black so we could see how we had done so far, which in hindsight may have been a mistake because it is really hard to see and photograph detail against black. Woops.

I also took a bit of plastic off around where the vents attach so I could redo that area in anticipation of remodelling the gas mask hose plugs.

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