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Redesigning the Barrel

So as we speak, I’m remodelling the part to replace the orange piece, too. Hopefully it should be a 100% replacement, screws and all. I’m not done filling it in, but the rough draft looks okay. Hopefully I’ve measured this right. I bought calipers off Amazon today, but I’m eyeballing things with a millimeter ruler right now. If I’m lucky, it’ll work! I have to add the hinge part to the top of the barrel still.

I’m debating imprinting a little star lord logo on the side of the barrel, though whether or not that would print cleanly is another question entirely. Also thinking I need to move that ribbing further down the barrel in light of recent changes.

There’s some parts on there that might not be super clear as to their function yet inside the barrel, but I’m toying with an idea of frosted acrylic to diffuse the LED lights, because the LEDs I have chosen are blindingly bright and I don’t want to be hurtin’ people, now do I?

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