FFXIV Machinist - Aethero-transformer



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3D printable files for a 1:1 scale Aetherotransformer, the offhand used by the Machinist class in Final Fantasy XIV.

The model has been broken into multiple parts with flat-facing sides down where possible for printing on an FDM machine. Supports will be required for some parts!

All print files are provided in .STL format. Files include:

  • The main box section, with files for multiple print strategies (complete model, partially sectioned up, and fully sectioned up).
  • Ammunition pack for the front of the main box section. You have options of either individual shells and a holster or a mesh with the shells already inserted.
  • The right side ‘winder’ mechanism, which fits into slots on the side of the main box section. The winding key can be printed in halves or a whole part.
  • The lid, with files for multiple print strategies (complete model, sectioned into two parts, with and without latches).
  • The handle on the front, split into multiple pieces and hinge pins.
  • The left side pressure tank, split into a multitude of parts to hopefully facilitate lighting effects if you’re into that kind of thing.
  • The wrench, split into two halves for printing.
  • Files for the lens and glass shapes on the model – either print in clear filament or use as a template to laser or cut out of clear plastic by hand.
  • Reference images labeling part filenames.

These files DO NOT include:

  • Technical support. This listing presumes you know how to slice, print, and assemble 3D print files.

These assets may not be resold, redistributed, or otherwise conveyed to a third party.

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