Fallout Overlay Creation Kit



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Designed primarily for use in Streamlabs OBS and/or OBS Studio, but should be usable with other similar streaming software.

Download includes:

  • Numerous looping panel animations, in small, medium, and large sizes. Looping animations vary in duration from as short a 5 seconds to as long as 40 seconds, depending on the panel. Provided in .webm format for easy alpha channel usage with your favorite streaming software. Static image versions of these panels are also provided as .png files if you would prefer non-animated options.
  • Looping renders of most of the above panel animations, but without the panel backgrounds, so that you can mix and match to create your own unique panel designs. Provided in .webm format.
  • Multiple ‘bare’ cabinet graphics ready for you to customize with your own panel layouts in a variety of sizes and shapes. Taller ‘display’ cabinets are also included for you to include as chat windows or other areas to display stream information. Also includes drawers and shelves so you can stack additional elements as desired. Provided as .png files for easy alpha channel usage.
  • Precomposed animated cabinet sections with panels already attached to simplify usage. Provided as animated .webm files.
  • Miscellaneous decoration items that feature looping graphics and animations for you to decorate your overlay. Bobble heads, Nuka-Cola bottles, flags, banners, motivational posters, and even a radroach. Provided as either animated .webm assets or static .png assets with alpha channels.
  • Background images and textures for metal and concrete walls to help fill in any gaps around your cabinet designs. Provided as .png files.
  • A wide selection of ‘frame’ graphics to use around your gameplay video sources or as streamer camera frames. Includes additional mounting arms and supports to better integrate these displays into whatever location you find most convenient on your layout. Provided as .png files.
  • An assortment of background footage and images for various screens, displays, or as stand-by notifications for if the stream needs to be paused. Provided in an assortment of sizes (1080p and smaller) in .webm and .png formats.
  • A number of full-screen notification animations that can be customized to display alerts for your followers, subscribers, or donators. Provided in .webm and .mp3 formats along with some basic usage recommendations for Streamlabs OBS and/or StreamElements.com.

This does NOT include:

  • Technical support. This listing presumes you already know how to use graphical elements such as this overlay with your streaming setup. It also assumes that you understand how to set up overlay elements in ways that minimize CPU usage or, alternatively, that you have a computer capable of running a game at the same time as other animated elements in OBS.

The F.O.C.K. assets are provided in the form of a 5-part .rar library. You will need a program like WinRar to open and extract the assets.

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