19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Chandelier for Headbetter Salon

Project Info


Johnny Ciccone,
Headbetter Salon


Oct 2020


3D Design, Electronics, Construction, Project Coordination, Installation

A longer write-up of this project is available for review here. You can also review an interactive collection of the 3D designs here

The Salon had an empty skylight in the middle of the ceiling that they wanted to fill with a centerpiece. The owner of the salon also already had a substantial collection of LED bar lights that he wanted to upcycle into a chandelier. 

I measured out the main salon space and recreated it in a digital environment, which allowed me to test different design ideas in situ. I worked up half a dozen different design ideas that used the LED bar lights, and further refined two of the designs that the client liked best.

After the client settled on a final design, I set about the carpentry and construction of the wooden frame and other steel cable elements that would house the lights. I stained, painted, and weathered the wood to match other existing elements in the salon. An extensive amount of wiring, soldering, and cable-wrapping followed to daisy-chain the lights safely, and diffusion was applied to each LED bar light to make the chandelier easier on the eyes. 

The chandelier was suspended in the middle of the skylight space by hefty steel cables and leveled-out with the use of a set of turnbuckles. 

I have been waiting to let Adam put some work into the salon and he exceeded expectations completely. He really seemed to put a lot of thought into the overall design in the salon was and worked with us to use existing materials to keep a pretty tight budget. What we ended up with was an extremely functional centerpiece that lights up our workspace perfectly. The artistic ability of Fused Creations is beyond measure. Kinda like Nicola Tesla meets Picasso... I’m not sure which side of Adam is stronger, his creativity or his technical ability, you can see them battle when he is concentrating.

  • Johnny Ciccone, Headbetter Salon Owner / Operator