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Sea of Thieves – Ebon Flintlock

Project Info


Thingergy, Inc., Summit1G


January 2019


3D Modeling, 3D Printing

I got asked to model the Ebon Flintlock pistol from the game Sea of Thieves for Thingergy, Inc.. Reference images were sparse, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to rip any of the models out of the game to use as a base, so I free-modeled it from the few screenshots I was provided. This ended up being a bit challenging because I didn’t have any straight-on views of the weapon, so I had to keep checking and re-checking proportionality.

The client did not want or need any moving parts on this gun, but requested that I separate pieces out by color so that the model could be more easily printed and assembled. I broke the parts down, including things like the gems on the handle and the individual pins that went through the gun to secure the flint and barrel into place. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be resin- or FDM-printing this model, so I set up files that could be used for either production method.

The pistol was intended for Twitch streamer Summit1G, so at their request a copy of his logo was recessed into both sides of the barrel. The finished flintlock pistol pictured here was resin-printed and painted over at Thingergy.