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Sanctified Frost Witch Mask

Project Info


Private Commission


June – July 2017


3D Modeling and Printing, Assembly, Painting

A quick item that got thrown together for a friend to wear to Blizzcon. I pulled the low-poly models out from World of Warcraft as a reference, but the underlying geometry was very limited due to that game’s art style. The model was significantly rebuilt using the low-poly as a reference, and was scaled against a 3D scan of my own head to ensure it’d be relatively wearable. The tusks and lower jaw were separated off to make the parts printable on my Makergear M2, though I would have preferred to do the face as a single unified part.

The parts were printed and assembled, and coated with XTC-3D to help smooth out any seams and reinforce the mask. It was then fully sanded, and a layer of truck bed coating aerosol was sprayed over the mask to add a faux-bone texture. I went back in and did a quick pass with an airbrush and some washes to establish a base color, but the final painting and finishing was left to the client so that it would be cohesive with the rest of their costume.