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Fallout Vault Scene Transitions

Project Info


Personal Work for Commercial Sale


November 2018


Graphic Design, Animation, Illustration, 3D Modeling, Audio Engineering, Video Editing

Another set of Fallout-themed assets aimed for use by streamers, this was designed to be a set of pre-show intro and outro animations to provide viewers with a bit of eye-candy. The video assets were created by exporting a number of models and textures from Fallout 4 and arranging them in 3D Studio Max to be animated. Lighting and other adjustments were made in the 3D environment, and the motions of both the vault and the camera were keyframed. These were then rendered out into image sequences and brought into Adobe After Effects for compositing. Smoke, dust, lens, and particulate effects were added to the rendered footage.

The final assets were exported to .webm with alpha channels so that users could lay the video elements over top of their stream for effective use as transitions.