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Borderlands 3: Vault Hunter Statues

Project Info

Gearbox Software, LLC.

May – June 2019


3D Modeling, 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Electrical, Armature

This project was for E3 2019, and I worked on it during my time as part of the fabulous team at Thingergy, Inc.

Using the basic game models provided by the developer, and working in tandem with another digital artist, I was responsible for milling the body forms for each statue out of EPS foam in multiple pieces. This foam shell was then hard-coated, and a team of professional sculptors were responsible for adding additional texture and detail on any bare or visible areas of skin on each character. I also worked closely with the shop’s welder and engineer to ensure that all necessary dimensions and measurements of the models’ internal armatures were provided for fabrication.

I modeled and was responsible for 3D printing portions of these characters. This ranged from various small components (clasps, buckles, bullets, and so forth) to substantially larger items, such as entire body parts of some characters. More significantly, I was involved in extensively modeling / remodeling of each character’s weapons. The developer provided base 3D models as a reference which I then refined into high-poly, manifold, and printable components. Throughout the course of all of this work, attention was given to ensure that any components that required lighting or other inset details had proper cutouts for wiring or armatures /supports. I wired and soldered a number of these illuminated components.