F.O.C.K. Supplemental Media

If you have arrived at this page, it is likely that you have purchased the Fallout Overlay Creation Kit (LITE) from Etsy and were directed here by the included documentation. If this is not the case, please click here to be taken to the main F.O.C.K. shop page!

Although it’s nice to think that we live in a modern age, Etsy does its very best to prove me wrong by making the maximum file-size of a digitally downloaded product on their site a paltry 100MB. This is frankly ridiculous, and I hope they come to their senses. In the mean time, I am forced to distribute our Fallout Overlay files in two parts. The portion that you have downloaded with your purchase includes all of the primary portions of the Fallout Overlay Creation Kit, with the exception of some of the larger background looping video elements and notification/alert animations. Those elements may be obtained here! Simply provide the e-mail address you used for your Etsy order and click the button to validate, and you will be taken to download the remaining necessary files.