3D Printing Commissions Cosplay & Props

Modeling an Ancient Magus

By on March 24, 2018

We were approached to help make the mask and some other elements of the character Elias Ainsworth from the anime series The Ancient Magus Bride. I’m a fan of…

3D Printing Commissions Cosplay & Props

The Sum of Its Parts

By on March 5, 2018

After weeks of sanding through the evenings on this thing, the antiquated murgleis is finally coming together! We fully assembled the prop, which is not something I actually planned…

3D Printing Commissions Cosplay & Props

This baby’s an antique!

By on January 28, 2018

A proper write-up of this project is overdue, so I’m going to make the necessary amends in this post.

As briefly covered in our previous video, we were presented with…

3D Printing Commissions Cosplay & Props

A Red Mage’s Best Friend

By on January 13, 2018

We’ve been commissioned to make a set of props from Final Fantasy 14’s Red Mage class known as the “Antiquated Murgleis” – try saying that five times fast.

I’ll do…

3D Printing Commissions Mold-making and Casting

Of Mesopotamian Supermen

By on December 16, 2017

The title’s not a typo, and I’m not drunk. This post’s about one of my guilty pleasures, and it will require a bit of explanation! If you want to…

Blade Runner Cosplay & Props Electronics

Riding small-scale lightning

By on December 14, 2017

I regret how long this has been taking me, but work has been driving me nuts lately, and I’m also doing my best to teach myself how to design…