Panel Cover for Chinese Lightsaber Chassis



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I designed this part to be a sort of exterior cover for the control button and charging port on your standard Chinese Lightsaber chassis from AliExpress. In particular, I sized this to fit the spacing on the chassis I had from the LGT Saberstore, but I think it’d fit similarly on other vendors’ products (like what TXQSabers offers, for instance). The back curve on the panel was sized to fit the particular diameter of the handle I was building in my Scrapyard Lightsaber project, but I think it’s generic enough to be useful on a variety of sabers, so I’ve made it available here.

All print files are provided in .STL format. File(s) include:

  • The panel cover file as a single-part mesh measuring approximately 1.65″ long by .94″ wide by .23″ deep.

These files DO NOT include:

  • Technical support. This listing presumes you know how to slice, print, and assemble 3D print files.

These assets may not be resold, redistributed, or otherwise conveyed to a third party.

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