May 15, 2020

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Another project I need to get caught up on posting – this time, an approximately 36" square #eyeofhorus with a bunch of neat tricks going on. I carved the base shape out of California redwood on the #shopbot #cnc and laid a long strip of #ultraviolet #LEDs in around the perimeter of the inset channel. Then I poured clear resin in to fill the channel, leaving a bit of extra room at the top. The top layer was poured with a mix of strontium aluminate (aka #glowinthedark powder), blue #mica, and some larger grains of #lapislazuli stone. Then I sanded everything back, polished and stained the edges, and sealed it all with a nice gloss laquer. When the #UV leds are on, the blue resin layer reacts very vibrantly, and even cooler, it continues to glow for a while after you switch the power off! Shout out and thanks to @tikialz59 for his help and advice with this and @flix_fx for the use of their CNC machine.

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