May 12, 2020

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Another project I finished a little while ago, though I wish I had documented it a little better. Made this for my friend @cklaram to contribute to her ongoing #blue project. Tried doing some inlay work with the #shopbot #cnc at @flix_fx. Started with an approximately 24-inch-tall piece of wood that I stained blue with #keda #dye and then clear-coated with a layer of epoxy. After the pattern was carved, I worked on a #gold #inlay using metallic powder mixed with clear resin. I ended up learning a lot through trial and error – those dotted circles were hell to try and fill with the inlay because they kept trapping air bubbles. After struggling with trying to syringe the gold into these pockets, I eventually went for the nuclear option and just poured a bunch of the gold on top to fill everything, then used the CNC to basically plane/face the wood back down. Thankfully, the clear epoxy layer was thick enough to protect the wood. Like the DC/Marvel Mayan calendars I posted, I also cut channels on the back of this piece and ran #RGB #LED #Neopixel strips around the perimeter, driven by a small #arduino. The light bleed against the wall makes a moving halo effect around the piece.

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