May 24, 2017

Would have finished the updated Data Knife yesterday, but it looks like I ran out of Neopixel Jewels to actually work with, so I’m waiting on a new order. While killing the time, I started working on something entirely unnecessary and stupid, yet exactly the sort of thing I’m into: A base and charging stand for the data knife. Specifically, I’m thinking of making a life-sized Spectre head to jam the knife into, which would have a microUSB plug oriented correctly to slot into the receiving port on the handle and charge the knife.

I spent a bit of time assembling as many references as I could.


Titanfall’s spectres come in a few shapes and sizes, the principal difference between them being the design of their heads. Based on the filenames, the wedge-headed ones are “Corporation” spectres, while the boxy-headed ones seem to be the Militia’s version? I think? Not sure. Either way, I decided to go with the wedge-headed design, since it seems a bit more… bad-guy flavored? And if I have to be stabbing something in perpetuity, it may as well be the meaner looking of the two. The eyes on the wedge-headed design are also more prominent, which I figured was a plus – I want to have them go from red to blue once the knife is ‘holstered’ into the slot on the back of the head.

The model’s gotten a reasonable start, though there’s still quite a lot to tackle before I’m anywhere near finished. I ripped the base mesh from Titanfall 1 to get some starting points, but the .mdl files leave a lot to be desired, so I’ve basically been remaking parts entirely to fit the general shape and profile of what I’m after.

The panel lines that emanate from the eyes are actually probably going to be the most annoying part of this process, but I have a few ideas on how to model those cleanly. When it’s all done, I think I may tilt the head forward a bit to make knife access easier, and I’ll probably build out down to around the robot’s collarbone to give it a sturdy base.


Like I said, this is not one of those useful things and I should be prioritizing other work, but sometimes rule of cool has to dictate what I work on, and the idea of this is just something I want to play around with.