February 12, 2017

First shoulder pad printed, second shoulder pad modeled. I’ve done some light sanding to start blending the seam on the pad together, but it’ll take a decent amount of work to get properly smooth.


The shoulder pads are not identical, and are not shaped exactly the same. The pilot’s left shoulder wraps around some sort of padded armor, so it is not as curved on the back. Right shoulder also has a bit more of a taper towards the bottom.There also seems to be a dent or other impact mark on the right shoulder pad, which I modeled into the part itself.

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    Stephan Buxton

    May 9, 2017

    How do you pull model files from the game? That’s too cool man

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      May 29, 2017

      This tool was actually a very, very useful first step in the process. There is presently nothing that can pull the files from Titanfall 2, as far as I’m aware, because they’re encoded differently… but since the pilot version I’m doing is from Titanfall 1, this tool works just fine for it. 🙂

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