February 11, 2017

Progress on the Smart Pistol. I can’t tell you guys how happy I am that everything seems to work and fit together pretty much exactly as expected. I’ve even got some shaky video to prove it!

A video posted by Adam Shefki (@fusedcreations) on

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    March 8, 2017

    Oh man. This is so awesome. When that Data Knife and Smart Pistol become available.
    They are /mine/. baahahahha

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    Stephan Buxton

    May 9, 2017

    I have printed the pistol everything fits together flawlessly. Im an amateur tho would you happen to have a wiring diagram for it? Already made the knife! Its sooo cool was my first electronic build. I could also use some help with wiring the arc grenade (also printed) im just not proficient with arduino chips yet! No clue which pins go where on the boards for the gun or grenade but im trying to learn! Any help or advice would be much appreciated!! Tis all for my forst cosplay I’ve ever done! Thanks in advance for any help (ive already watched all your vids you do amazing work) even pointing me in the righr direction to learn would be wonderful! Tired of looking at epic props i don’t know how to wire and make them half as awesome as yours!! I’m sure your super busy so i appologize to bother you!