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Castle Nut Codpiece

By on August 21, 2016

Codpiece section is pretty much done. The seams got sewn up, and it was wet-shaped over a bowl to give it a bit more of a curve.


I busted out my contact cement and started the process of dipping each castle nut into the jar, then sticking it onto the leather. They set up pretty quick, and in the process I realized I had to revise my codpiece nut arrangement a little bit versus my earlier reference photo. Worked out alright, I think.



Once all the castle nuts were on, I used an awl, backed the leather with a bit of foam, and drove about a million holes into the leather in reasonable hexagonal arrangements so that I had enough to work with to sew the nuts down. Last thing I need at a con is for these things to come unglued, so it all had to be stitched to the leather.

Here it is after being sewn up:


The thread is pretty subtle, so I’m not worried about it. I decided to sew the car emblems down after gluing, too. I know the screen-accurate version does not have them sewn as such, but the screen-accurate version is also made using actual car emblems, which have solid-cast metal mounting posts for where they are attached to the body of a car, whereas mine don’t.


Not too shabby? Now to make the rest of the front belt…