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Improving the master casts

By on July 24, 2016

We spent a good bit of time last night lengthening the master copies of each of these things out with monster clay to fit my apparently-freakishly-long arms.


Figured it’d be easiest just to do it like that and risk making them longer than necessary, because at least that way I could trim the extra plastic off if it came to it.

I’ll absolutely share my models for the stuff I’m doing here, with the caveat that your mileage may vary / you may need to do some scaling and resizing of certain parts, since for example the end caps for my filters were designed and printed around a measurement I made after I cut the bottom of the original filter off – unless you cut it in roughly the same place the caps may be a little too big or a little too small!

Speaking of 3d modeling, actually, I think I’m satisfied with the overall scale of the parts for the shin guard at this point.



I know I should have done these ages ago, but I just dragged my feet because of a lack of reference images.

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