July 8, 2016

I’ve been messing around with the trim on the armor and I think I’ve got a reasonable system down at this point. I mentioned in a previous post I used a bit of vinyl weatherstripping to cover the outside edges – this functions nicely as a bit of extra padding. I wrapped the whole pad edge in Moleskin tape, but I found it quite hard to actually get a uniform edge due to the nature of trying to bend straight tape around curved surfaces.

I gave it a bit of thought and decided to model up something I thought was reasonably clever – an Xacto knife jig.


The idea is that it holds the blade at a fixed distance from the edge (13.5mm) and you can just run the blade around the outside of the pad to get an even trim all the way around. Turns out that it actually works pretty well!


3d printing for practical purposes. Who knew?

Despite my best efforts, it has become apparent to me that I am not as huge a guy as Hugh Keays-Byrne. The bottlecaps should not be overlapping the trim like that, but I have the right number of them there. I refuse to cut them down by a row and column just to make them fit, so what I’m likely to do is to unhook all of the caps, grab a pair of tin snips, and trim around the edges of every bottle cap to make them uniformly a bit smaller, then redrill some holes and attach it all together again. I’m hoping that’ll make them fit the pad properly enough that it won’t look silly!