July 3, 2016

The matte clearcoat went down over the non-metallic bits of the mask without too much fuss and I’m confident the bone bits will be durable enough for convention wear. The hard part that followed that was the chroming/metallics, which required the reverse of the mask I just posted.



Man, I did not have fun doing that. The yellow tape is ‘delicate’ frog tape that is specifically designed to be low-tack so it doesn’t have as much a chance to pull paint. Great, but also means that it peels up after about five minutes, so I had to continually press it back down into the edges with a popsicle stick.

Let me pause here and talk about the mask(s) they used in the movie. A close study has revealed pretty clearly that there are a lot of different finishes on this metallic section in the film. In some scenes and promo stills, it looks very chrome, while in others (especially on the the ‘behind the scenes’ featurette) it looks pretty dull and weathered.

I decided to try for a ‘chrome’-esque finish on this part, on the rationale that I could knock the paint back to dull with a matte lacquer or something overtop if I needed to. Mostly just wanted to see how shiny I could get things!

I saw a technique online that I decided to borrow. First, I laid down a layer of glossy black as an undercoat and let that dry for about an hour. Then, I hit it with my glossy acrylic clearcoat spray. The clearcoat actually attacks the black just a slight bit, but that’s ideal for this kind of thing because it produces a bit of a hammered texture. I let the clearcoat sit about 20 minutes, and while that was still a little ‘soft’, I started misting light layers of Spaz Stix mirror chrome from my airbrush. I did 2 light passes and then a heavier one at the end to really lay the material down. The idea behind this, ideally, is that the still-ever-so-slightly-soft clear coat will have the mirror chrome bite into it, which should make a slightly harder wearing finish? Maybe?

I think it worked okay.



This was after a bit of polishing with a soft t-shirt. We weathered it down a bit and repainted over any areas where there were overspray. Now, I’m sitting here wondering if the finish I have on the thing is too shiny and too chrome, if such a thing is possible!

Here’s a bunch of different lighting conditions:

So, end question I have to deal with: leave it as-is, or weather it more? A matte spray (or any varnish, really) will knock the shine down considerably but I’m not sure if that’s going to be a better look than where it’s at right now. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.