June 23, 2016

I have an assortment of Createx Faskolor paints in my workshop from my tabletop wargaming days, so I mixed up a sickly looking blend of yellow, orange, red, and a touch of black to get a nicely thinned-out yellow for lining the armor. We airbrushed this onto the exterior of the armor as a quick yellow pass, followed by a closer-up spray for a more opaque line.



Pretty happy with how it looks at the moment. I wanted to seal the paint somehow, so I bought a variety of clear coats to try on the exterior of the armor. I actually like a number of these finishes, but I have one concern: scratchability. I know that I will be wearing this thing at conventions, and inevitably people bump into you and your costume gets significantly manhandled. Since the costume is clear, any damage is going to show pretty significantly. For example:


This is one of my test pieces of plastic with a matte enamel finish sprayed overtop. The lines you can see on the nearest bulge were me simply dragging a fingernail across. Not quite as hard-wearing as I had hoped. :\

Maybe I’m just being silly worrying about scratches on this thing – it is a piece that exists in a wasteland, after all – but the perfectionist in me is a bit dissatisfied and will be looking for a solution that protects the paint we’ve laid down on the armor without taking scratches so easily.

While I wait for my sample pieces to dry, I figured I’d give edging the armor a test. I need to figure the moleskin tape out a bit more, but I like what I’ve got so far:

This is vinyl weatherstripping like this stuff with the edging cut off and sliced lengthwise to create a seam that I can spread over the edge of the armor. I’m going to glue these onto the edges of each piece of armor, then wrap that in moleskin tape. I’m hoping this will make the armor a bit more wearable, as sharp plastic edges could be really uncomfortable over a long period of time!