June 19, 2016

I decided this project was going to be something I finished for NYCC, and it is warm enough that I don’t mind dusting off my workspace again, so I’m chugging through getting the rest of this done.

I got my boots done with the 3d printed toe caps and bike chain that I salvaged from a bike that my neighbor was throwing out.

Both the toe cap and bike chain were attached pretty securely with E6000 adhesive (in black) and in the interest of screen accuracy I actually hand-sewed some leather straps over the ends of the bike chain. It’s not 100% right, but it’s close enough.

I’m actually a little concerned that the bike chain will prevent the boots from being easy to walk in, as they prevent the toe from flexing over the bridge of the foot mid-stride, but I’m sure I’ll get used to walking with a bit more Frankenstein in my gait.

Played around with a couple weathering techniques on these, and ultimately ended up coating them with what I hope will be a pretty thick layer of matte varnish to try and save them from the inevitable scuffing and scraping of wear. Some of these weathering techniques ended up being kinda neat on the badges for the chest, so I think I’ll end up using a couple of these.


I also started playing around more seriously with actually getting my mask done… Since the movie mask has the ability to open and close the lower jaw, I figured I’d give it a shot to see how hard it’d be. Still not sure it’ll end up working out, but baby steps and a bit of engineering should get me there. I took a jeweller’s saw and did a bit of careful work separating the lower jaw, and then carved out a bit of space between the teeth for some character’s sake. I may actually reshape the teeth a bit more with putty now that I’ve done that, since I can see some problem areas.