PProcM - Perl Proc Monitor

Zachary Goldberg (z g o l d 5 5 0__a t __gmail Period com)

Current Version: 1.0 as of 6/6/07


I was logged in to my home box via ssh and was thinking to myself, I wish I could see the GKrellM on this box right now. Now, as I was on a windows and did not have a spare X11 server around, I was left hanging.
I looked and looked. Came up with nada. I know top is similar, but I wanted something more GKrellM-like, with hardware device statistics. So I decided to write one myself.


  • POE::Curses - A really cool API tool for making UI's in a console
  • Time::HiRes - A very common perl module which allows for millisecond time resolution
  • Sys::Statistics::Linux - A Perl module which makes getting information from /proc Extremly easy

Download and Install

Download 1.0 (Linux Only)

Install Instructions:

  • cpan i sys-statistics-linux
  • wget http://www.fusedcreations.com/PProcM/PProcM-1.0.tar.gz
  • tar -xzf PProcM-1.0.tar.gz
  • cp PProcM-1.0/PProcM /usr/bin/PProcM
  • chmod +x /usr/bin/PProcM


Version 1.0:
  • Fix a bug with the units function.
  • Fixed up differing hostname lenghts messing up layout
  • Compressed memory lines to be a bit more convenient and spacewise efficient
  • Added Config File ~/.pprocm (1.1 will allow command line to specify file)
  • Added Config View (allows you to modify config file -- chose what to display)
Beta 2:
  • Added CPU Frequency
  • Added scrolling Hostname
  • Added Logged in Users (scrolling)
  • Misc. Fixes