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By on January 4, 2017

I actually got as far as assembly and painting after filming the video above, but I suffered some setbacks. For what it’s worth, assembly is a relative breeze:


Unfortunately, once the thing was fully assembled I ran into an issue with the paints I was spraying, which caused some surface crackling textures. I’m going to be trying to strip the knife down to repaint it, but I’m not sure if the electronics will survive the process, so I grabbed myself the parts to hopefully print a second knife and try again. My printer also is sadly out of commission – blew a fuse while replacing a fan, and the nanofuses that the thing uses are special order, so I’m waiting to see if the replacements I’ve bought will solve the issue. As soon as I can get up and running again, the knife is my first priority. In the mean while, I’m happy to share files for the electronics version of the knife, which now includes space for a piezo buzzer to simulate the sound.

1481673005CbZtIEL.png Download “Titanfall Data Knife - Electronic Version” titanfall_data_knife_electronics-1.rar – Downloaded 45 times – 7 MBThese files are provided for personal use only and may not be utilized commercially for any reason without prior written authorization. © Fused Creations, LLC. All rights reserved.