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NYCC 2016: Stage and More

By on October 10, 2016

We’re still in the post-convention daze, but I took the evening to edit together some of the footage from the Twitch live stream of the event. We ended up placing second in our category, and we’re unbelievably happy!


The convention was great, and the other competitors were all amazing. There was not a single person on that stage that Maria and I didn’t end up talking about later and saying that they should have also won.

I’ve contacted a bunch of the photographers we met with during the convention and they will hopefully be providing us with photos. However, I wanted to share at least these:

Photo by Autumn Sharrar

Photo by Autumn Sharrar

Photo by Autumn Sharrar

Photo by Autumn Sharrar

Awesome photos from the stage taken by Richie S on Flickr.